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2013 – Present

Still running my freelance career in writing articles for websites and blogs. I usually write about technology (gadgets, smart home, IoT, programming), business, finance, and sometimes about the sports I know. Articles are well optimised with on page search engine optimisation techniques (according to the latest Google algorithms).

Krishna asked me “how would you rate my writing out of 5”, I asked him whether I could give him 6. – François


Author, blogbeatz

2014 – Present

I started blogbeatz in 2014 to solve problems faced by bloggers around the globe. The blog is being updated whenever a problem is faced in blogging, inbound marketing (specifically search engine optimisation). 

“I know Krishna since the day he started blogbeatz. Everyone in my blogging community used to wait for him to post an article on his blog. We used to enjoy his content writing style and yes, the type of value he used to provide in his blogs was awesome. Still after 3 years, the quality and value he provides has increased tremendously.” – Mrunmay (Professional Blogger)


Author, Parallel

2017 – Present

Parallel Space is a medium publication where I share my personal thoughts, experiments and experiences about my life and professional career. As a medium publication, parallel space is growing at a slow and steady pace satisfying a group of readers around the globe. The publication was never meant to go commercial, it’s a place where I write myself (but it’s a point to assess my writing style).

“The minimalistic blogger” – Shibin (Android Developer)


Blogger, Polaroids

2016 – 1 Year

An amazon niche experimental blog which was primarily designed to generate revenue from amazon affiliate program. 81% of the traffic came from search engines and the blog was later sold for $3k in auction at Flippa. You can read more about the blog sale case study here.