If you like avocados, you'll love this California-inspired avocado soup recipe for summer, inspired by traditional gazpacho soups. In a large noncreative bowl, combine the apricots, club soda, wine, sugar, lemon juice and cognac. As winter's chill sets in, people around the world turn to a big bowl of soup to help warm them from the inside out. Tomato soup recipes are a classic choice here in the US, but maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more… exotic. NIGERIA Fufu and Egusi soup BULGARIA Tarator A Bulgarian cold soup made from yogurt and cucumbers. Cover and refrigerate. To serve, divide the soup among chilled soup bowls and garnish with whipped cream and fresh mint. If you don’t have the time or money to spend on a plane ticket this time of year, let a simple bowl of soup transport you somewhere special. Avocado Soup. BELGIUM NETHERLANDS Waterzooi Snert Traditional Belgian fish soup. This southwestern soup combines avocado with Mexican spices and a French velouté, or white sauce made with stock. Give your taste buds a whole new experience with these delicious cold soup recipes. A thick pea soup, eaten in the Netherlands as a winter dish. Soup recipes are so hot right now, and we’re right behind the trend, uh, turning up that gas dial. Top with homemade paprika croutons. Find out how avocado, cucumber and squash can make a delicious dish, best served cold. It is a raw, blended vegetable soup. Anyway, ramen’s roots are a little hard to trace, but it’s been popular among the working classes for over a century, only recently making the leap to Japanese cultural artifact (and trend-piece fodder). For more flavor and protein, break an egg into each bowl, top with the garlic-and-ham broth, and bake in the oven until the eggs are set. This dish is normally eaten cold but is perfectly suitable to be eaten warm or with a warm side dish. From spicy soup recipes to more mild creations, soup is nourishing, warming and often packed with nutritious ingredients. 1 / 10. During bouts of cold weather, nothing warms you down to your toes quite like a good soup. This classic soup hails from the Castilian region of Spain and features serrano ham, smoked paprika, and lots of garlic. If you care to use ham in place of the bacon, cook it briefly in its own juices before adding it to the soup while it simmers. Lucky for you, soup is a staple in all corners of the globe. Westend61/Getty Images. 2. It is served cold and is perfectly refreshing. This thick vegetable soup is hearty and boasts a colorful flavor. Raw vegan chilled avocado soup is made from just six quick and easy ingredients including avocados, cream, vegetable broth, a touch of spicy cayenne, and freshly snipped herbs. A traditional Mexican soup with tripe and hominy. Ramen. Sopa de Ajo Castellana (Castilian Garlic Soup) Recipe. Ladle the mixture in batches into a blender and puree until smooth. From China to Colombia, see which classic soup dishes bring comfort across the … Place of origin: Japan What it is: Ten different ramen recipes could be a list of its own, but it seems wrong to round up international soups without including the current favorite. The destination doesn’t have to be warm or even close to the beach, but it does have to be new and exciting. When it’s particularly cold and snowy outside in New York, my mind often wanders to travel. Transfer soup to another bowl. Tomato is typically the star of this dish and only perfectly ripe tomatoes should be used, making this the perfect summer dish. Gazpacho was born on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, it is sometimes also called Andalusian gazpacho. https://www.goya.com/en/recipes/gazpacho-cold-vegetable-soup

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